kunanyi "the mountain"

Aboriginal connection

kunanyi – always was, always will be Aboriginal land

"kunanyi is a dominant feature in what is a bold, open and embracing cultural landscape. A landscape that connects ancient pathways from as far as the deep southwest corners of our island through to the vast open hunting grounds of the midlands and importantly to the rich valleys of timtumili minanya – Derwent River and nipaluna – Hobart.

"These pathways are steeped in the history of thousands of generations of palawa, walking, living and dying under the protection and dominant impact that kunanyi imprints on each and every one of us still today.

"Thousands of generations of palawa drinking from the fresh water that runs through her veins and into this country, eating from the cultural foods that seasonally replenish our bellies and thousands of generations that have carried the unbroken connections to our creation stories, to our ancestors and to the spirits of our old people. kunanyi carries our cultural stories, stories and songlines passed down from generation to generation connecting the past with the future, old with new and playing a major role in maintaining one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world, the culture of the palawa people."

Shared by the Tasmanian Aboriginal CentreTasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Diversity of landscapes

Climbing from close to sea level up to 1271m and spanning a huge 139km around its park boundary, kunanyi is host to many diverse landscapes and ecosystems, each prolific with Tasmanian endemic species. Windswept alpine fields, dry eucalypt forests, sunless rainforest gullies and imposing dolerite cliffs all have their place on this incredible mountain.

Dry mature silver peppermint forest

Dense wet mature eucalypt forest

Dolerite boulder fields

The famous Organ Pipes

Alpine heath

The Cathedral/Montagu skyline ridge

Ferny gullies – Myrtle Forest, Myrtle Gully, Fern Glade, Silver Falls

Mountain River - Farm Land

Waterworks Reserve

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kunanyi cultural heritage info

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